About Us
Worldwide Textiles was conceived while waiting for a taxi on a dirty side street in Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013. Since then my passion for experiencing other cultures and traveling has given me the chance to source beautiful handmade textiles and ethnic goods to provide you with a piece of markets worldwide. We believe in economically supporting local communities by buying their handmade goods and sharing them with you.
All of our items tell a unique story, whether it be of a woman and her female relatives preparing her Handira to be worn at her wedding in the Mid Atlas region of Morocco or mountain villages spending weeks harvesting and dying hemp fabric in the hills of northern Vietnam. Each of our pieces is completely unique and one of a kind as many of the weaving techniques are no longer being passed down through families in village communities. Our inventory is a mix of newly designed items made by repurposing vintage textiles found in different countries, as well as wholly preserved vintage items and new items found in street markets. It is our goal to send you a little piece of each market we visit and provide a greater understanding and appreciation for artisans around the globe.
Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more market treasures!